Thursday, November 6, 2014

Head of the Charles

This year on October 19th I had the amazing experience of going to the 50th annual Head of the Charles. For those of you who don’t know what the Head of the Charles is (like myself before arriving at Boston College) it is an annual regatta on the Charles River. This year the BC men’s club crew team had two 8 man boats in the race and the women’s crew had an 8 man boat as well.  Many of my friends are on the mens team, including my roommate who is the coxswain so even though I wasn’t sure what to expect, I knew I had to go to cheer them on. I was happily surprised with all the amazing activities that were going on besides the races. Tents lined the Charles River with different clothing companies like Sperry Topsiders and Brooks Brothers, and food stations. It was amazing to see people from different colleges, near and far, who had come out to support their school. I felt so lucky to be so close to such an awesome event. I got to cheer on my friends from the riverside as they warmed up and moved towards the starting line.  For their actual race all of the BC students who gathered to see them stood on one bridge which the boats went under. I was amazed and so proud of how loud our “Let’s go BC!” chant erupted from the bridge when our boats passed. Although I knew hardly anything about crew, it was an amazing atmosphere and I got to watch many of the races, such as ones including the US, Canadian, and France crew team, which were incredible. All of our boats did so great with the men’s boats coming in 8th and 25th and the women’s in 22nd. After the race I got to congratulate all my friends who were beaming at not only their performance but the turn out of fans and how amazing it was to hear all the shouts from the BC fans. I couldn’t have been more happy about how well our team did and how spirited all the BC students were. I can never get enough of the Boston College super fan spirit! Head of the Charles is just one amazing event that happens in Boston, there are always other things to go to as well that makes me feel so privileged to be going to school near such a city like Boston.

- Maura Keefe '17

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