Friday, November 21, 2014

A Day in the Life: Jenn Conlon

Jenn Conlon, an Accounting and Political Science double major, still cannot believe how much she is enjoying her sophomore year.
“Finding out I had to live on College Road (the so-called “least desirable sophomore housing”) was making me dread this year,” she shares. “But now I don’t mind CoRo at all. It’s close to class, it’s quiet, and it’s clean.”

This cozy double in Roncalli Hall is where Jenn starts and ends her busy days. Because she is a student in both the Carroll School of Management and the College of Arts and Sciences, Jenn’s schedule is packed with a wide variety of classes. First thing in the morning, Jenn makes the short walk from her dorm to Fulton, her favorite building on campus. There, she takes classes in accounting and business law.

“CSOM has a lot of group work,” Jenn says. “It helps your presentation skills. Working in groups helps you build relationships with your classmates. When you have problems with something, you have someone to go to.”
This sense of community—combined with inspiring professors and the integration of technology into the classroom—is what makes CSOM such a fulfilling and unique experience for Jenn.
            After the business portion of her day is complete, Jenn catches up on her Spanish homework in her favorite study spot, the Stokes amphitheater.  “Working there allows me to enjoy the nice weather whenever I can!” she says.


Jenn’s day does not consist entirely of schoolwork. In the evenings, she often makes time to go to the Plex with her roommate to work out. “Going to the Plex gives me structure,” she says. “I love that I have a gym close by.”

Although her days are busy, Jenn is grateful to be a Boston College student and cannot imagine herself anywhere else. “I love it, “ she says confidently. “I know that all the time and effort I put in here will be worth it.”
-Alyssa Vaughn '17 and Colleen Ward '17

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