Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Loving all that BC has to offer

This is an exciting time of the year for BC students: Marathon Monday, Showdown, Arts Fest, Holi, BC Carnival, and Modstock. This year has been fantastic and its awesome how there are a bunch of events that carry BC students into the start of summer. With the beautiful weather, you see BC students hanging out on the quad, doing homework at the Stokes amphitheater, or playing can jam outside. After a brutal winter, BC students are thoroughly soaking up the sun and the various events make this time of year even more enjoyable. As a freshman, my first Marathon Monday was spectacular. Watching elite runners essentially sprint the marathon and cheering on others was a truly gratifying experience and I am so excited to partake in this endeavor next year. Showdown was such a fun experience and such a great showcase of our dance talent at BC. As a member of the audience, I was truly flabbergast by the engaging dance performances. All of these events highlight how BC is such a diverse and well-rounded community focused on broadening the students' scope of experience. 

- Priya Atiyeh A&S '18

Making time to help relieve stress

With finals shortly approaching, it is important to find good stress-relieving tactics so you don't feel too overwhelmed during this arduous time. After a stressful test, I tend to do go outside (especially now because the weather is so beautiful) and participate in some kind of physical activity. I go to crossfit three to four times a week so that always is a great way to unwind after a stressful test. My friends and I also have frequent dance parties in my room and those are always a great way to de-stress. Our dance parties tend to involve props i.e.: a variety of hats involving snapbacks, construction hats, a giant whale hat coupled with various shades. One time an RA from Gonzaga 2 came up and knocked on our door, I answered and she goes "Can you please turn your music down? The room below you is shaking." Our dance parties are no joking matter. We also choreographed a dance for our friend's birthday and frequent Zumba class every Wednesday from 6:45-7:45. It is important to just keep laughing because this rough patch will be over soon. I agree that laughter is the best medicine, laughter is essentially the be all end all in my book. I'm all about the laughs because I never really take myself too seriously, or seriously at all in some matters. 

-Priya Atiyeh A&S '18

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Opportunities at Boston College.

            Coming into Boston College, I had heard about how many amazing opportunities there are here. After the excitement of hearing the phrase “so many opportunities” faded, I began to wonder if it was just all hear say. As a freshman in CSOM I was taking Portico, an intro to business and ethics course with my advisor. While Portico is an amazing course, I am biased in believing it was my professor who made it my favorite class. Having an advisor as a professor made us get to know each other on a deeper level, which proved to be very beneficial. Fast-forward a year and she emails me saying that she had mentioned my name to the one of the Big Four Accounting firms campus recruiter who later got in contact with me. This all lead to me getting the wonderful opportunity to go into their Boston office for a day that coming summer to learn more about the company and industry as a whole. As a sophomore, I now realize that the talk of “amazing opportunities” is not just a rumor at BC, its reality. In this one example of mine, I see multiple. I am lucky enough to have gotten the chance to have a professor believe in me, as well as wonderful career networking as an underclassman. Boston College is a place where not only relationships are fostered, but where careers are jumpstarted early; I know this first hand because my story is not the exception. BC professors believe in the capability of their students and teach because they want to share their knowledge and make those connections. This makes it a welcoming place right from the first day of class freshman year. It doesn’t stop there, recruiters and employers also believe in Boston College students, making it a supportive environment from the throes of freshman year to building a career well after college. 

-Kimberly Pace CSOM '17