Thursday, November 13, 2014

BC Dining

            There are two very important and very under-rated areas that every student visiting a college wants to know about in order to properly judge a university. What might these be, you wonder? Food and coffee, of course! On a lot of tours and school visits, students have the opportunity to take a trip to the dining hall, but do not get a sense of the overall food and coffee options on campus. As a food lover and a coffee addict, I can give more insight to these areas at BC. Beginning with meals, there is basically one main dining area on each part of campus – Newton, Upper, and Lower – that are all accompanied by smaller, more specialized options. At the bigger dining halls, you will find all the classics, from a salad bar to a hamburger grill to stir fry, while the small eateries each have their own specialties. Eagle’s Nest, below Mcelroy, the main dining hall for Upper/Main campus, has great wraps, paninis, salads and soups, and is the perfect lunch spot in between classes. The fan favorite, Tuscan Chicken, is a mozzarella, tomato, pesto, chicken and balsamic sandwich that is adored by BC students. Furthermore, Addie’s, above Lower dining hall, has organic and farm fresh options for dinner, including build-your-own salads and pizzas, ice cream, cider, and more. There are plenty of options at the dining halls, and higher-end food to fill your cravings at the smaller places.
            When it comes to coffee, BC does lack in the area of having a Starbucks on campus, but we more than make up for it with our awesome on campus or nearby options. Firstly, there is a Dunkin’ Donuts across the street. If that is too much of a trek, Peet’s coffee is found regularly at every dining hall, and specialty lattes, cappuccinos, and Starbucks-like drinks (including pumpkin spice lattes) are made at The Chocolate Bar on Main campus, Hillside on Lower campus, and at Stuart on Newton campus. The occasional ride on the Comm. Ave bus to Starbucks (a mere 5-10 minute ride) may be necessary for addicts like myself, but when I am in need of a good coffee to get me through my studying, I am very happy with the coffee options BC provides. Overall, BC provides options and specialties that you will not find at all schools, with rotating menus and options to provide you seasonal treats and keeping your options open. If you get the chance, swing by one of these dining halls on a tour to check it out for yourself!

- Erin Fitzpatrick ‘17

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