Thursday, November 6, 2014

Professor Erbil Appreciation Blog

I have to take a blog to dedicate solely to Professor Erbil, my microeconomics professor. I had really enjoyed economics in high school and am considering minoring in economics, but I had my reservations. I’ve heard people complain that it can be difficult and boring. I am so happy to say that my experience so far in the econ department here at BC has been nothing but positive. Professor Erbil always makes sure to accompany a topic with real life examples that he feels like we can relate to. He always includes funny pictures of his cat and daughter in his Powerpoints to keep us entertained and engaged.  When he knows that a lecture is not particularly interesting and dense, if he sees people yawning or not paying attention, he switches topics and tells us a funny story about something that happened. He then uses what he likes to call “sneak teaching” he’ll get us engaged in a story and then slyly add in microeconomics terms and principles so we learn what he wants us to learn without us even realizing it. He’s a brilliant professor and so dedicated to his students.  He stresses how we’re in this together and he will help us however he can as long as we meet him half way and do the work too.  During the week of an exam he doubles his office hours to make sure anyone who has questions can find time to meet and ask him. Even after the exam once he hands it back he stops giving us online homework so we can focus on what we got wrong on the exam and do test corrections.  He doesn’t want the students to just look at the grade and move on, he wants everyone to learn from their mistakes and see where they did things both correctly and incorrectly. The attitude and energy he brings to class every day shows how much he cares about all of his students and makes class so enjoyable and interesting.  He has even told us how he was one of six people who finished the PhD program at BC his year and he is the only one that is in academics, the rest are high up people at big companies and they always offer him jobs.  However, he loves to teach.  He says it’s his passion and he wouldn’t be as happy anywhere else.  It is professors like Professor Erbil who’s enthusiasm makes any class enjoyable and who make me love Boston College and my courses here.

-Maura Keefe '17

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