Sunday, October 26, 2014

Photo Diaries Part 1

A Day in the Life: Will Ades

Will Ades, a sophomore math major, often begins his weekday mornings at the Chocolate Bar, a popular cafe located on the first floor of Stokes Hall. “The Chocolate Bar is that perfect blend of a social and solo working environment,” Will says. “I could easily meet a friend there to work together, but the noise level isn’t so intrusive that I can’t get work done alone.”

After a coffee, Will walks through the quad to his 11 AM Linear Algebra class, located in iconic Gasson Hall. Will arrives early to take advantage of the cozy chairs available in Gasson, squeezing in some last minute studying before class. Although his classes can be tough, Will loves the challenges that the math major presents. “I enjoy patterns, and math is all about detecting and learning different patterns,” he shares. “It’s all a big puzzle!” Will hopes his major will help him with his problem solving skills and creativity.

After math comes lunch--Will likes to eat in Eagles’ Nest, a popular lunch spot located near the academic buildings on campus. Eagles’ Nest contains several stations offering customizable hot sandwiches, soups, salads, and a new Mediterranean wrap station.
“I love how BC’s meal plan is on a debit system rather than the meal swipe system at most schools,” Will says, enjoying a pressed Italian sandwich. “I can eat however much or little I want, at any time of the day.”

Will returns to the Cabaret Room in Vanderslice, his dorm, to study. WIll doesn’t often study in his room--there is usually too much activity going on. He lives in a nine-man, which features three triple rooms and a common room. Although the noise in the nine-man makes studying a little more difficult, Will loves having his own bathroom and all of his friends close by. “Our room is just a place to relax and have fun,” Will explains.  “It’s a great place to watch football and sleep!”

Overall, Will loves his life here at Boston College and firmly believes that choosing BC was one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

“I’m surrounded by some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and I’m inspired every day to work harder,” Will says. “BC has been exactly what I need to start my life. ”

- Colleen Ward '17 and Alyssa Vaughn '17

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