Thursday, October 23, 2014

Eagle Link!

Since coming to BC, being a student has felt like training to be an important member of society. How can I be such a person if I don’t even know how to contact an employer? EagleLink does just that. I had never heard about EagleLink before coming to Boston College. It may be because it can seem like an intimidating resource, but it’s become integral to me as a student. EagleLink helps students get in contact with employers in several accessible ways, whether by preparing for the Career Fair or listing which firms will be visiting campus.

This past week, EagleLink helped me with several things. I RSVP’d to an event that was hosting an employer who talked about what he’s looking for in aspiring employees. As the event approached, I was intimidated by e-mails about resume building and dress codes (you should be prepared to know the ethics of business casual by sophomore year!). I signed back onto EagleLink to look at more details of the event, and was happy to see that there was a more suitable event for students less prepared to actually meet with employers. It was a panel discussing how math majors should approach employment. I went, and I feel a million times better going forward.

The moral of the story is that no matter what stage you’re in when it comes to employment, Boston College is prepared to help you out. I feel blessed that I can go to a school that makes finding employment (at all stages) an easy and accessible place!

Will Ades '17

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