Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Broadening my Academic Scope and Interests

Though I am not a student in the Carroll School of Management (CSOM), I decided to take Professor Thomas Wesner's Business Law class. This class has not only exposed me to the intricacies of business law and analyzing cases, but it also has allowed me to develop certain characteristics to become a more astute individual overall by looking more closely at matters to gain more insight. I am a political science major and international studies minor and this class cultivated a greater interest in pursuing Pre-Law through the dynamic classroom environment and more personal learning experience not impeded by technological distractions. Professor Wesner's tips on how to efficiently take notes by splitting the page in half, the left side devoted to the student's notes on reading and the right side devoted to the professor's comments, has been an applicable method for my other classes as well. The IRAC method for analyzing cases has shaped me into a more methodical student, honing in on the important facts and abandoning inconsequential details. Business Law has broadened my scope of knowledge and understanding and for that I am eternally grateful.

-Priya Atiyeh '18

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